Monday, July 13, 2009

twin on Washington

You'll have to pardon the quality of the image (I used my phone instead of my camera), but I don't even think a better resolution would improve the looks of this one.
This is a neglected twin up on Washington St. The aluminum siding is (mostly) white; the blue second floor on the right house is the original color, having been sprayed white (I guess they ran out of paint and figured, "pfft, who cares?")
At least it's all coordinated. The '60's-era aluminum awning replaces what was once surely a wooded setup complete with turned posts, maybe even full width. Fake shutters (on the left, at least) complete the 'look'.
I'm still new to this blogging, and I'm coming up with new thoughts and ideas on what place it will serve me, and eventually/hopefully some followers. I hope to post a new feature at least once a month, maybe more frequently. Thre are SO many building I want to include, I just need to get out there and get the photos!