Sunday, August 21, 2011

The City is Making Progress

This Article in todays' Express Times is a follow up on what properties the City is making progress with. I won't bother with the Armory (I'll believe it when I see it) but 51 S. Warren I would love to see fixed up.
This picture I took of the property in August 2010 when I first blogged about it. It looks the same now. The report points out one BIG problem in Easton: out of town landlords! Faceless companies don't care about neighborhoods, and unless the City goes after them, they can't be bothered to move on these things.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mayor Panto is Paying Attention

Here's an article about how vacant properties are being targeted by the city.

There are a few properties on this list that I have posted about here before. Coincidence? Maybe so; it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to see ugly. But I must commend Mayor Panto for taking this issue seriously. getting rid of blighted properties is in everyone's best interests so I hope they can make some progress on this.
I wouldn't mind if he maybe posted here and thanked me :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sobriety Field Testing Parking Enforcement

This was hilarious. The other day there must have been some sort of parking scofflaw crackdown in the WW, because there were at least two of the infamous white patrol cars lurking around, peeking, searching for someone, anyone, to issue a ticket to.
Well, they found one of their favorites; "parked too close to corner". Guy was parked maybe six feet from the corner.
So, I watch the 'parking enforcer' measure out the distance.
With a tape measure?
A stick maybe?
No, he proceeds to guesstimate the distance by walking it out heel to toe. Wow, THAT must be accurate.

Anyway, the parking gestapo must love the WW for ticket revenue. Most corners aren't marked yellow as 'no parking' areas, and most corners don't have signage either.
Most all our curb corners are rounded as well, leaving up for debate the issue of 'distance to corner'.

PA Code actually states no parking within 20' of a crosswalk at a corner. Easton takes this to mean 20' from ANY corner.

So, if you ever get a parking ticket, fight it. Ask them how they measured it. Ask to see the measuring device. If he shows you his foot, you can tell him where he could put it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Clubhouse Holdings rents to drug dealers

This drug bust on N 7th St last week took place at a property I profiled back in June 2009 . Nothing has improved here in the last two years. There have been quite a number of drug dealers renting in this building over the years which leads me to believe that the landlord, Clubhouse Holdings HAS to be aware of it!
Lots of landlords buy dilapidated properties in the city with the intent of renting them out to Section 8 tenants. Problem is, more times than not, there are other people living in these places besides the ones listed on the lease. And these other people are drug dealers.
Drug dealers are EASY to spot; young men that seem to always be hanging around, apparently not holding a regular job. To make a sale, they leave to go walking down the street, on the phone or texting, but come back a few minutes later from ANOTHER direction than they left in. The deals are made on the move, or they get picked up and dropped off somewhere else.
The dirtbags that were just busted actually sold heroin right inside the front door!
Now, if casually observant neighbors can see what's going on, how can the landlord not know about it?
Slumlords like Clubhouse Holdings need to be held accountable and screen their tenants better, and do inspections of their properties.
Keep calling the police on these people! The paper said this bust was in response to neighbor complaints, so keep it up!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beth'lem Plays Musical Chairs

The Morning Call (How did they name this paper anyway? Who likes getting a call in the morning?) 's cover article today details how Bethlehem removed spot saving devices recently.
I have to say, this is bold. Necessary, but bold. As people are quoted saying, many feel this is a 'way of life' and 'everybody does it'.
As for the way of life; I'd imagine in a real well established neighrborhood of owner occupied homes, this wouldn't really be necessary. why? because people who know each other, are 'good neighbors', would know who cleaned out what spot, who parkes where, etc. for instance, my neighbor with a driveway, I know when she is home or not, and she doesn't mind if I park in her driveway from time to time.
Factors contributing to the problem/need of saving spaces:
1. people who don't clean out their vehicles. I've seen people that clean out just enough to remove their car, but don't necessarily park there when they get home, because they can choose a better spot later.
2. Too many cars. This is a problem all year 'round, compounded by the next problem;
3. No place to put the snow. Some of have yards to throw the snow, but most people don't. The Cities require us to clear the sidewalks, so the snow gets piles where a car could park.
4. Cars that aren't moved for DAYS. I don't understand this; if you can afford to be without your car for perhaps WEEKS, then why do you have it at all?

I think if people would just get together to clean the street after a storm we could all have a place to park.

What about Easton and collecting all the chairs and barrels? They say they aren't doing it, causes too many problems. I would suggest that they at least ticket the cars that aren't moved in 3 days, just like they do in the warmer weather. AND, ticket the cars that are parked too far from the curb!

*sigh* Spring is almost here...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Peace Candle is Coming Down

As noted in today's Express Times, the 'Peace' Candle is coming down to once again reveal the 'War' Monument.
I note this myself here at UE because of what they do with it now; the article notes they 'put it in storage', which we all realize means 'pile up behind the City maintenance building'.
I'll get a picture of that when I can.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Be Careful Out There!

Most of the snow may have washed away, but the lower temps made all that water into some very unpredictable icy roads and walkways. Because not everyone shoveled out the remaining snow around their cars, the neighborhood now has crunchy and icy snow piles all over the place, making the roads all the more difficult to navigate.
Double parking while picking up passengers just adds to the difficulty. If people would just consider the other guy sometimes (you know, that other guy coming down the hill towards you that you didn't leave enough room for) then life in this West Ward would be a bit more pleasant.

And safe.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Township Bans Spot Saving

It's that time of year again folks, when the snow falls, the shovels come out, as well as the pylons, garbage cans and dining room chairs.
yes, I am talking about saving parking spots. I know, it's a treasured component of living in PA, but we all know it causes problems. At least one township is doing something about it . Darby Township is bold enough to tackle this issue head on with fines!
The most we ever get from Easton is 'maybe' a warning. A Police Officer 'might' tell someone 'hey, you can't do that', but people continue to save spots, as well as throw snow in the street when they clean out their car.
But what do you expect from a town where double parking is considered a God Ordained Right?
I would love to see neighborhoods get together to tackle this issue. When it snows, everyone agrees to move their cars and everyone pitches in to clean the street! Put all the snow in one place and everyone has a place to park!
If everyone took a little personal responsibility we could all have a place to park and and everything would be just a little more peaceful.
UPDATE: one of my favorite LV blogs, Lehigh Valley Transplant, posted a similar write up this morning, go check it out!