Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Peace Candle is Coming Down

As noted in today's Express Times, the 'Peace' Candle is coming down to once again reveal the 'War' Monument.
I note this myself here at UE because of what they do with it now; the article notes they 'put it in storage', which we all realize means 'pile up behind the City maintenance building'.
I'll get a picture of that when I can.


  1. IMHO- A waste of time and money. Plus, it's ugly. Better to just illuminate the S&S obelisk with green and red spotlights. The candle is just hokey.

  2. When do they put that thing up? And will they put it up again this year?

  3. I guess you're new here :)

    they put it up every year around thanksgiving IIRC.

  4. If you hate the ugly socialst hippie peace candle...join this group. We hate it too.