Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beth'lem Plays Musical Chairs

The Morning Call (How did they name this paper anyway? Who likes getting a call in the morning?) 's cover article today details how Bethlehem removed spot saving devices recently.
I have to say, this is bold. Necessary, but bold. As people are quoted saying, many feel this is a 'way of life' and 'everybody does it'.
As for the way of life; I'd imagine in a real well established neighrborhood of owner occupied homes, this wouldn't really be necessary. why? because people who know each other, are 'good neighbors', would know who cleaned out what spot, who parkes where, etc. for instance, my neighbor with a driveway, I know when she is home or not, and she doesn't mind if I park in her driveway from time to time.
Factors contributing to the problem/need of saving spaces:
1. people who don't clean out their vehicles. I've seen people that clean out just enough to remove their car, but don't necessarily park there when they get home, because they can choose a better spot later.
2. Too many cars. This is a problem all year 'round, compounded by the next problem;
3. No place to put the snow. Some of have yards to throw the snow, but most people don't. The Cities require us to clear the sidewalks, so the snow gets piles where a car could park.
4. Cars that aren't moved for DAYS. I don't understand this; if you can afford to be without your car for perhaps WEEKS, then why do you have it at all?

I think if people would just get together to clean the street after a storm we could all have a place to park.

What about Easton and collecting all the chairs and barrels? They say they aren't doing it, causes too many problems. I would suggest that they at least ticket the cars that aren't moved in 3 days, just like they do in the warmer weather. AND, ticket the cars that are parked too far from the curb!

*sigh* Spring is almost here...

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