Friday, May 27, 2011

Sobriety Field Testing Parking Enforcement

This was hilarious. The other day there must have been some sort of parking scofflaw crackdown in the WW, because there were at least two of the infamous white patrol cars lurking around, peeking, searching for someone, anyone, to issue a ticket to.
Well, they found one of their favorites; "parked too close to corner". Guy was parked maybe six feet from the corner.
So, I watch the 'parking enforcer' measure out the distance.
With a tape measure?
A stick maybe?
No, he proceeds to guesstimate the distance by walking it out heel to toe. Wow, THAT must be accurate.

Anyway, the parking gestapo must love the WW for ticket revenue. Most corners aren't marked yellow as 'no parking' areas, and most corners don't have signage either.
Most all our curb corners are rounded as well, leaving up for debate the issue of 'distance to corner'.

PA Code actually states no parking within 20' of a crosswalk at a corner. Easton takes this to mean 20' from ANY corner.

So, if you ever get a parking ticket, fight it. Ask them how they measured it. Ask to see the measuring device. If he shows you his foot, you can tell him where he could put it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Clubhouse Holdings rents to drug dealers

This drug bust on N 7th St last week took place at a property I profiled back in June 2009 . Nothing has improved here in the last two years. There have been quite a number of drug dealers renting in this building over the years which leads me to believe that the landlord, Clubhouse Holdings HAS to be aware of it!
Lots of landlords buy dilapidated properties in the city with the intent of renting them out to Section 8 tenants. Problem is, more times than not, there are other people living in these places besides the ones listed on the lease. And these other people are drug dealers.
Drug dealers are EASY to spot; young men that seem to always be hanging around, apparently not holding a regular job. To make a sale, they leave to go walking down the street, on the phone or texting, but come back a few minutes later from ANOTHER direction than they left in. The deals are made on the move, or they get picked up and dropped off somewhere else.
The dirtbags that were just busted actually sold heroin right inside the front door!
Now, if casually observant neighbors can see what's going on, how can the landlord not know about it?
Slumlords like Clubhouse Holdings need to be held accountable and screen their tenants better, and do inspections of their properties.
Keep calling the police on these people! The paper said this bust was in response to neighbor complaints, so keep it up!