Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big Brown

OK, to start this off, check THIS out. This house is HUGE. Huge and ugly. Click on the picture to get a blown up view, you can see the details in all their offensive glory. It has everything: old aluminum siding, '70's era brown and tan paint, busted and rotted railings and porch posts and most all vintage detailing either lost or damaged. But amazingly, it still has its original doors. The left entranceway still has the transom over the door, but on the right? Who knows, it might be under the siding.
notice the plain unadorned windows; in times past, you can imagine Victorian flourishes, large sills and carved trim. the mind reels imagining this homes' glory in times past.
The 3rd floor dormers give a clue of what is missing. They are not wood, but pressed tin. Very cool, but unadorned as they are, they are lost in the mess.
I've seen the inside of one of the apartments in this building. the parque oak floors were recently refinished, there are intact pocket doors even. But the new owners have so far neglected to refurbish the exterior. I guess the lure of easy rental money is too hard to resist.

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