Friday, June 25, 2010

923 Ferry St

Oh, what Beautiful Dormers! And the porches, and those detailed railings! What a magnificent restoration!
(Um, yes, I am being sarcastc. Thought I would mention that for the sarcastcally challenged among us).
The picture speaks for itself here. I must disclose, however, I didn't take this picture! No, but believe it or not, this is from the LANDLORD'S PAGE! Yes, someone thought that actually showing this picture was a good way to draw people in.
Clubhouse Holdings is on my radar now; they seem to be one of the up and coming major players in the slumlord market in Easton. They also own 137-139 N 7th St, which I profiled in my very first blog post!
Ironically, Clubhouse Holdings is also a player in the redevelopment of the Lipkin's building and recently purchased 118 Northampton St. Lets hope they have greater aspirations for those properties than they do for these.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lehigh and Cherry

This is really a magnificent house. It's huge! Rare in this neighborhood, it's a wide single (many twins and rows are only 11'-12' wide inside, this one I estimate is closer to 18'-20'). Corner lot, all brick.
Which makes it all the more sad that it's been sitting in this dilapidated state for so long. It's been like this for years; sometimes some activity is going on, but mostly just boarding up something. The boarded up side windows are a recent addition, as is the graffiti on the porch (you can see it if you click on the image and blow it up).
I'd like to meet the owner sometime, find out what the deal is. Lack of funding? Lack of interest? Might be hard to find a family to move in here in this part of Lehigh St. (not really worse or better than any other part of town), so maybe they want to convert it to apartments and couldn't get the permits. Maybe there are bigger issues that he couldn't deal with.
Either way, I love this house, but am sad to see it waste away, just like much of Easton.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Out Of Place

There are times you come across something that just looks like it doesn't belong. This is one of those times. This house is set back on a block of row homes and twins, set way back from the road. Reno in the '80's I guess judging from the colors. Besides that, its really run down, although they had a truck in there yesterday pulling out some overgrowth.
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