Monday, September 30, 2013

So Sad

The first fire fatalities in Easton since 2001, no less tragic.

I blogged about the home on the right, if only in passing. this block of Spring Garden has some formerly stately twins, all now somewhat run down or in various states of repair and or decay.

The next twin to the right still has the tarp on the roof from Hurricane Sandy and a Board of Health placard on the door. that makes at least 4 homes uninhabitable on the block; there's another one across the street.
Could it be perhaps among the death and sadness that something good can come from this?

Perhaps everyone will take responsibility for making sure their home is safe?

Perhaps Landlords will take responsibility for making sure their properties are up to code? (this building is owned by
 BETHLEHEM, PA, 18020-9741 

Code REQUIRES a central fire alarm system in apartment buildings! I know this because when I bought my twin which was zoned as a two family, I was required to get such a system. but as I was deconverting to single family, this requirement no longer applied.

PLEASE, if the apartment you are living in seems unsafe, or if you don't have smoke detectors, do something about it!
Call Codes!
Call the Mayor!

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Spring Garden St getting worse

There are a few homes on Spring Garden  in the Heights that have fallen into disrepair. Some look like abandoned projects, like this one:

The one to the right has had the roof tarped for quite a while:

And there are too many signs like this:

Seems like some have just walked away...