Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bats In My Belfry

(not a picture of my actual attic, but it may as well be...)

We've been dealing with bats in our home for as long as we've been here. Up until now, it has been limited to one or two strays in the summer that got down into our living space. But very lately, we've been hearing noises in the 3rd floor ceiling AND in the ceiling between the 2nd and 3rd floors!
Old tall Easton Heights homes are notorious for housing bat colonies. The buildup of guano is bad enough, but when they get into your living space, that's a major concern. Bats are at once a very helpful member of Earth's living creatures AND one of the scariest, fear inducing little mammal you're ever likely to encounter.
We have some professionals coming tomorrow to assess the situation. I need this to be fixed because I'm about ready to burn the place down or jump off the roof.