Friday, June 25, 2010

923 Ferry St

Oh, what Beautiful Dormers! And the porches, and those detailed railings! What a magnificent restoration!
(Um, yes, I am being sarcastc. Thought I would mention that for the sarcastcally challenged among us).
The picture speaks for itself here. I must disclose, however, I didn't take this picture! No, but believe it or not, this is from the LANDLORD'S PAGE! Yes, someone thought that actually showing this picture was a good way to draw people in.
Clubhouse Holdings is on my radar now; they seem to be one of the up and coming major players in the slumlord market in Easton. They also own 137-139 N 7th St, which I profiled in my very first blog post!
Ironically, Clubhouse Holdings is also a player in the redevelopment of the Lipkin's building and recently purchased 118 Northampton St. Lets hope they have greater aspirations for those properties than they do for these.


  1. Not only is it on the rental page - it's on the "before and after" page! I hope it's meant to be the "before"!

    I swear the disrespect, neglect and outright abuse of some gorgeous architecture everywhere in Easton just makes my hair stand on end.

    On the positive side, I went to an open house for 230 Bushkill - right across the street from the beautiful place that houses Noble Art Pianos. *Both* buildings are a testament to what was...and what *could* be.

    Hope springs eternal.

  2. yes, the 200 block of Bushkill DOES have some treasures in it; I have some very good friends who live in one of the nicer ones. the piano place is amazing! the sadness is to realize that there were also beautiful homes across the street- razed for Rt22 many years ago.
    thanks for your participation on my blog, I appreciate it!