Thursday, January 13, 2011

Township Bans Spot Saving

It's that time of year again folks, when the snow falls, the shovels come out, as well as the pylons, garbage cans and dining room chairs.
yes, I am talking about saving parking spots. I know, it's a treasured component of living in PA, but we all know it causes problems. At least one township is doing something about it . Darby Township is bold enough to tackle this issue head on with fines!
The most we ever get from Easton is 'maybe' a warning. A Police Officer 'might' tell someone 'hey, you can't do that', but people continue to save spots, as well as throw snow in the street when they clean out their car.
But what do you expect from a town where double parking is considered a God Ordained Right?
I would love to see neighborhoods get together to tackle this issue. When it snows, everyone agrees to move their cars and everyone pitches in to clean the street! Put all the snow in one place and everyone has a place to park!
If everyone took a little personal responsibility we could all have a place to park and and everything would be just a little more peaceful.
UPDATE: one of my favorite LV blogs, Lehigh Valley Transplant, posted a similar write up this morning, go check it out!

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