Monday, October 19, 2009

Prime corner near Cottingham

This house is so odd, it might have ALWAYS been ugly. But the 70s reno on the 1st floor and filthy siding doesn't help, either. Prime corner by a neighborhood playground.
UPDATE: As one of my faithful followers pointed out, this is/was infact, a church of some sort on the 1st floor. It has a side entrance not visible in the photo. However, it looks to be abandoned. The front door shown here, judging by the single mailbox and single dish, seems to be a single rental(for the present at least).


  1. You will never believe the history of this home over the past twenty years.

    When I was growing up, this was a funeral parlor. They went out of business and it became an apartment house. Then it became a church on the first floor. That didn't last long. It was empty and getting bad for quite some time. Now it appears that it is back to being an apartment house again. How about that?

    Peace, ~~Alex

  2. thanks again Alex! do you follow the neighbors of easton blog? you might enjoy it, lots of activity over there.

  3. I like your site. I like looking at the old neighborhoods. I lived in Easton and Bethlehem for most of my life. I had a big family and lots of friends that lived all over Easton, when it was still safe to live there.

    Right now I am in DC in the seminary.

    Keep up the good work on this site. And keep posting those pics.

    Peace, ~~Alex