Sunday, December 20, 2009

First major snow of the winter

not much really, just 4" in front of my home. Ed Hanna said it could be anywhere from 4"-8" or more, so as it usually goes, winter in the Valley is unpredicable.

so, why is this decidedly un-ugly home featured on this page?

go back 2 posts and see if it looks familiar...

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  1. Hi, I found your blog via Twitter. I didn't even know any LV bloggers were in Easton other than Fork City (, so I'm glad to have found it, especially b/c houses are my thing.

    I'm hoping that as time goes by, you can sort of point out more things that are wrong with some of these houses, but also, and I know time may be an issue, that you expand your blog beyond WW to South Side, College Hill, and downtown.

    Like other people, I'd like to see contrasting examples of good houses against the many bizarre houses (and as odd as some of them look outside, the insides are sometimes even worse... like you said, just landlords trying to make a buck and don't care about the space that they're renting out.)

  2. S.H.,
    thanks for your comments. I never really figured anyone would bother posting on my blog, but I'm glad/relieved that some folks are.
    there seem to be a bunch of LV bloggers/twitterers, you can look through my followers list on twitter and find some.
    I do have some photos of details of homes, besides just whole home pictures. some shots I take are literally spur of the moment, like while parked waiting to pick someone up, or while waiting for a light. I expect to go out on specific hunting trips when the weather is better.
    I doubt I'll get much beyond the West Ward; this is where I live, so it's of most concern to me. South Side is a mess unto itself w/ a whole years subscription of issues that I wouldn't even know where to start. the Hill is too snobby to worry about, and not a lot of ugly, except maybe Pardee St.
    I will occasionally post pictures of nice homes, but I will focus on what needs fixing. besides, bad news is always more interesting than good news :)
    again, thanks for posting, and please sign up and follow if you haven't already.