Thursday, September 10, 2009

Landlord/Tenant dispute gets the police called

It's not unusual for some street noise to be present in the early evening, what with people getting picked up, dropped off, kids playing, etc. But we noticed a distinct arguement taking place yesterday. One of our neighbors recently vacated an apartment only to move into a house across the street. They were having trouble with the landlord (I'm not calling anyone out like Obama does, this isn't that kind of blog).
Well, the neighbor had a chance it seems to try to settle a disagreement with his former landlord. All I could here was it had to do with money owed (duh).
My point in bringing this up is, this landlord is pretty much a dirtbag. I've seen him around infrequently and seen his truck at some other disreputable places in Easton. He only comes around when he is changing tenants, which has been happening quite a bit. I'm not overetimating that there has probably been 20 differnt tenants in that buiding in the last 10 years. They ALL complain about him.
And that's how it goes. Landlords only keep the place (barely) up to code, and rent to the lowest common denominator. And it's getting worse, because whenever a house goes on the market in the West Ward, it gets bought by someone to rent out. There is no pride in ownership, or sense of community.
I've got another new neighbor also, but that's another subject. They leave the windows open when they fight. Lets see how long THEY last...

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