Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my ugly bicycle

Well, it's not really 'ugly', but it's a little different. And since I don't have a blog for my hobbies, it goes here!
It's a Surly Pacer frameset, with a mix of Campagnolo Veloce, some Shimano Deore stuff, Salsa Delgado X rims, Brooks B17, Nitto Moustache bars, Salsa stem, & vintage Shimano 600 brake levers. Oh yeah, and a SUNTOUR front deraileur!
The bracket on the setpost is for my daughter's trailer bike.
The front and rear bags have been with me a long time. The rear one is a genuine Rhode Gear bag, back when they were from Rhode Island (get it?) before Bell bought them out. The front bag is a neat little Specialized expanding bag.
I'll get back to the ugly houses soon. Been busy cleaning up home projects before the winter comes.


  1. Sweet ride! I've been interested in the Pacer. How do you like the M-bars? I've got a set that I've wanted to put on my Trucker, but just haven't gotten around to it. Great bike, great mix of parts!

  2. the moustaches have a FAR reach; I'm running a 9cm stem, and it could stand to be a little shorter. most times, my hands wind up just in front of the shifters, and it's easy to get to the brakes.
    I deal w/ some palm/wrist pain occasionally; I still find myself searching around the bars to get comfortable, but I don't think the bars contribute to any pain, it's just me.