Friday, February 19, 2010

these people are crazy

this is ridiculous (<- this is a link, click on it!)

It's very simple: it is AGAINST THE LAW to save a parking spot on a public street! yes, I know you shoveled it out. yes I know it's not fair that 'they' can 'take' your spot. yes I know they have too many cars.
but here's the real deal. YOUR LIFE is worth more than convenient parking (or at least I hope you think it is). if someone wants a spot bad enough, let them have it.
what I don't get is, in this linked article, why the other people are cheering on the guy attacking the other guy's truck! have they gotten so fed up w/ losing 'their' parking places that they now feel justified in actually attacking someone? has the value of a human life in the Lehigh Valley really been reduced to the value of a parking spot?
all I hope for is that I can park on my block, somewhere near my house. I long ago gave up on thinking I can always park right in front of my house. and I'm not going to risk going toe to toe with some idiot who will resport to violence against me, my family, or my property.
what's your take on it?


  1. I agree--although I'm a little more understanding after having spent an hour digging my car out after the snowstorm. The idea of someone else swooping in and taking that spot when they did not work for it is a bummer. Still, I take my chances and do not block the spot for anyone else. And when there's no snow, there's no excuse for it.

    What I really wish is that people wouldn't use garbage cans and furniture to hold the makes the neighborhood look trashy...

    As for it coming to blows, that's ridiculous, and a sad commentary on what Americans have allowed themselves to become--consumers who are more passionate about their cars and parking spots than they are about being good neighbors, participating in their democracy, or revitalizing the neighborhood. So many have become focused on themselves, their own consumption, and simply want to be kings of their own blighted castles, and in this case--want to believe that they can extend that kingdom into city property, which they can't--well, at least not legally.

    I wish people would take all the energy they expend in fighting over a parking spot, and let it all out at City Hall until we take our democracy back.

  2. What ever happened to that good neighbor feeling of helping your neighbors dig their cars out? Once you have the whole block cleared, everyone gets a space. That's the way I was raised.

  3. Anon,
    thanks for commenting! (but at 3:33 in the morning? sorry you can't sleep!)
    lots of renters in the neighborhood, not really neighbors at all. they just live here because it's cheap. they have no vested interest in the community. some blocks you can see get cleared out right away, folks getting together to move their cars. but some blocks it's every man for himself.