Wednesday, February 24, 2010

mid-rehab ugly on Ferry?

I've been watching this house for quite a while now, and I must say it's got to be one of the slowest moving rehabs I've seen (besides my own, of course).
It looks like someone has gone to great lengths to shore up the failing porch posts and roof line, but what's the next step? If I recall correctly, there used to be siding on it that was pulled off (YAY!) but things are moving slow.
I guess I mean I'm not being critical, really, just hoping that this rehab really turns out special. It's a great house, a single looking to be about 150 years old, between a row of white tin siding and the Ugly Green Giant. Click on the picture and check out how ornate the porch roof is, or go take a look if you're in the neighborhood.


  1. What's with that green beast to the left of this property? Looks like a candidate for future posts.

  2. the green monster is actually TWO buildings, maybe 6-8 apartments each, w/ a parking lot between them. real big, real ugly. yes, I should make a post about them, thanks!