Monday, March 1, 2010

Crown Jewel of the West Ward

This is really a magnificent building. Well, not in the shape its in obviously. This is the (former) EASD Administration Building on Northampton St in the West Ward. Pretty, isn't it? If you click on it, you can see there is a 'For Sale' sign out front; I guess the Admin didn't want to represent in the WW anymore so they built a new Castle out on Bushkill Drive. Just let this one rot, who cares? It's only right in everyone's BACKYARD.
I really hope someone that cares about the neighborhood more than the EASD buys this building and makes condos or something out of it; really, it has great style, and lots of parking, LOTS of potential.
But right now, and for a LONG TIME ALREADY, it's UGLY, so it gets posted here.


  1. Actually, if you look close enough at the front of the building, you will see the word, "COTTINGHAM" on the front of the facade. This used to be an elementary school before it became the administration building for the school district. Amazing. There used to be one on Fourth Street, Taylor School and the Governor Wolf Building also was a school. Behind Porter's Pub, was an old lodge building. You can still see the structure of the building. It was also a school building. I think it was called, "Washingtion." There was also a youth "complex" on the site of the present day Easton Baking Co. And let's not forget the old Armory Building.

    So many treasures gone and morphed into something else. Before you know it, they might one day be schools again.

    Peace, ~~Alex

  2. thanks Alex. I was aware of the Cottingham letters; I'm not up on Easton history enough to know the significance, besides knowing the stadium is also called Cottingham.
    the Ldge building up S 7th behind Porters is apartments know AFAIK, and I believe the Porters own that also.
    I plan on doing a whole photo set on the Armory by itself, it is glorious and offensive at the same time in it's present state.
    thanks for following!