Sunday, April 4, 2010

Silk Mill- View From The Creek

Got out for a walk the other day, got down to the Bushkill @ 13th St. The creek is fast here, and pretty wide. You can get a view of the Mill that might otherwise go unnoticed. You can see lots of potential here; imagine artists lofts, or apartments, or even a Market, like Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia.
We can dream, can't we?


  1. Lived around College Hill for most of my life and cannot remember a time where the Silk Mill was operational. Anyone know when the plant operations shut down?

  2. been trying to find ANY info on the mill; best I found was a intro to an article I couldn't access that said it shut down July 7, 1957. probably have to go to the archive room at Easton Library to get any real info. google fail.

  3. Thanks. Needless to say it's been shuttered for quite some time. I, quite frankly, don't see it working as up scale residential given it's location. Yes, it's near the creek, but I'm not sure what you do with the noise from Rte. 22, Pfizer, etc.

  4. I know that for a while from the 1940's until at least the 1960's a firm called Strongwear operated out of the complex. I believe they manufactured men's dress slacks etc. BTW this is a great blog. My family's been based in the same house in the West Ward for close to 70 years now, and it's great to see some ppl finally paying attention to it's potential!

  5. Andy,
    thanks SO much for posting! I've caught some grief from people who write some other blogs in Easton; they thought I was being too 'negative' and should focus on the positive. thanks for noticing that I am.
    appreciate it, thanks again!