Sunday, April 11, 2010

just for Stan68ar

On a walk today, we passed by one of the myriad old converted storefronts in the Heights (that's Easton Heights for you out-of-towners) and I remembered a suggestion form one of my faithful followers, Stan! I've seen this before, but hadn't really paid much attention.
The West Ward used to have many neighborhood storefronts. Most any that remain are either on Northampton or the south side of the West Ward. Most all storefronts on the north side have long ago been converted to rat trap apartments.
Now, viable businesses don't just disappear, but as business goes down, those stores close, and the owners of the building have to figure out a way to gain an income from that property now that the business is gone. So you see a lot of this; usually leaving the big windows as-is, and just hanging sheets in the windows.
It's hard to tell where the 'front' of the house is/was; I'm thinking that it did face 8th, and maybe there was a side porch on the left (now enclosed). There is a missing middle window on the 2nd floor also.
So anyway, thanks for the ugly suggestion Stan, and thank you for your following!

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