Saturday, May 22, 2010

out with the old... well, you know the rest.

                  These are Ben Morrison Hybrid Azaleas                       These are Mother's Day Azaleas
One things that's been bugging me about my own house for a whle was the old raggedy shrubs between me and the neighbors. At one time, the neighbor had shrubs outlining his whole yard, but some time ago he pulled out all of them except the ones that ran up the stairs between us. But they have gotten real ugly over the years. when established shrubs get damaged (one of his border shrubs got mangled from an oil truck hose!) they don't recover. someone fell into our median ones also, so they had become horribly misshapen.
I attacked them in earnest a few weeks ago and found them to be full of poison ivy (or at least some sort of poison vine that gave me oozing blisters for a few weeks!) and realtively easy to get out of the ground.
After properly preparing the gound with planting soil and peat moss, I installed 12 Azalea bushes. we went with 2 different colors that my daughter picked out.
 If you know Azaleas, you know that we just passed their blooming season, so there isn't much to see right now. But I included these pictures to show you what we will have next May!

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