Friday, May 14, 2010

Remote Control Presence Awareness Indicators

I set my morning alarm at 5:30. I usually hit the snooze maybe once or twice, gives me plenty of time to get out of the house by 6:15. On days that I don't drive, my car pool picks me up and I'm always ready at the door waiting.
Makes sense; if you have someone that picks you up AT THE SAME TIME EVERYDAY, why wouldn't you be ready for them?

That little piece of information seems to be lost on much of the people in my neighborhood.

At 10 of 6 or thereabouts, there are a few cars that come by to pick people up. Around the same time. Everyday. Same place. Almost like clockwork.
Can you please explain to me why the driver feels the need to HONK THE HORN REPEATEDLY???
I just imagine the people in the house; "hey, wow, he's here already?" or, "oh, I forgot, I'm going to work today?"
Believe it or not, car manufacturers did not install horns in the steering wheel so you can remotely make your presence known to people inside the house.
One of the ugly things about Easton is not only the ugly apartment conversions done to stately old homes, but the denizens of society that occupy them. Now, I understand that at many different levels of income present in the world, one may not be able to afford much. But being of lower social status does not mean you need to act like you have no respect for yourself or others.
I also take exception to the out-of-towners (which is anyone who doesn't live in the West Ward) who treat our town like it's of no consequence. The contractors picking up their day workers don't live here. They don't respect our neighborhood, which is why they honk their horns loudly and repeatedly at six in the morning.
We have out of town drug buyers on the block, all over the city really. They view Easton as a run down little city to get their fix. They don't see hard working residents, they don't see children and families. They only come here to buy their junk from the lowlifes who sell drugs who rent cheap apartments from out of town slumlords.
People, don't honk to tell your pick up you are there. Don't stop in the middle of the block and put your 'four ways' on; just PARK.
Oh yeah, PARKING. That reminds me, I'll have to get to that in the next post.

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